Vocabulary 5

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:
1.      The accident left the patient both _________ and blind.
2.      It is hard to watch a loved one suffering with ______________.
3.      It is best to get ___________ as a child so that you don’t get it worse as an adult.
4.      The tests show that you have an iron ________________.
5.      We only call the ____________ if we think a death is suspicious.
6.      You can’t see her right now; she’s in _________________.
7.      People with ________________ have to constantly check their blood sugar levels.
8.      I’d rather hop on one foot than use _________________.
9.      We’re going to remove the ______________ just to be on the safe side.
10.      It is easy for the elderly to become ______________ in this heat.
a.  chickenpox
b.  coroner
c.  critical condition
d.  crutches
e.  cysts
f.   deaf
g.  deficiency
h.  dehydrated
i.    dementia
j.    diabetes

Word (part of speech)
a virus commonly contracted by children, characterized by itchy spots all over the body
chickenpox noun
a person who determines the cause of death after a person dies
coroner  noun
requiring immediate and constant medical attention
critical condition noun
objects that people with injured legs or feet use to help them walk
crutches noun
a sac in the body-tissue filled with fluid (sometimes diseased)
cyst noun
unable to hear
deaf adj
a lack of something necessary for one’s health
deficiency noun
in need of water
dehydrated adj
loss of mental capacity
dementia noun
type of disease typically involving insulin deficiency
diabetes noun
Write your own sentences

1. deaf
2. dementia
3.  chickenpox
4. deficiency
5. coroner 
6. critical condition
7. diabetes
8. crutches
9. cysts
10. dehydrated

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