Vocabulary 12

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:
1.   Ask your family ________________ to refer you to a specialist.
2.   We thought her legs were __________________ for life, but she is learning how to walk.
3.   The needle will make your lower body feel ________________.
4.   Ask the __________________ if there is a generic brand of this medication.
5.   You must wear a face mask and gloves while you are in the ___________.
6.   The ____________________ lasted seven hours, but it was successful.
7.   You should be able to buy a bandage at the ____________________.
8.   You can take two _____________________ every four hours.
9.   The _____________________ in Room 4 are not getting along.
10.   We gave your husband some medicine to relieve some of the ________.
a.  numb
b.  or
c.  operation
d.  pain
e.  pain killers
f.   paralyzed
g.  patients
h.  pharmacist
i.    pharmacy
j.    physician
Word (part of speech)
no feeling in a certain body part
numb adj
the place where major surgeries and operations take place
or (operating room) noun
a medical procedure that involves going inside a person’s body in an attempt to fix a problem
operation noun
operate on verb
strong discomfort in certain areas of the body
pain noun
type of medicine that takes away some or all of the discomfort of an illness or injury
pain killer, pain reliever   noun
unable to move certain areas of the body
paralyzed  adj
a person staying in a hospital or medical facility
patient noun
a person who fills a doctor’s prescription and gives people advice about medication
pharmacist noun
a place where people go to buy medication and other medical supplies
pharmacy, drugstore  noun
physician noun
Write your own sentences

1. physician
2. paralyzed
3.  numb
4. pharmacist
5. OR
6. operation
7. pharmacy
8. pain killers 
9. patients
10. pain

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