Vocabulary 15

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:
1.    The _____________ came back negative. You aren’t pregnant.
2.    I hit my head on the steering wheel and was still ______________ when the ambulance arrived.
3.    I knew my ankle was sprained because it was so _____________.
4.    You have all of the _______________ of a diabetic.
5.    I had an emergency C-section because the ___________________ was wrapped around the baby’s neck.
6.    The heart _____________________ saved your life.
7.    We brought Jesse to emergency because he was running a (high) ______________________.
8.    The incision was _______________ after the surgery.
9.    I was able to go back to work a few weeks after starting the __________.
10. The __________________ shows that we are expecting a baby boy.
a.  swollen
b.  symptoms
c.  temperature
d.  tender
e.  test results
f.   therapy
g.  transplant
h.  ultrasound
i.    umbilical cord
j.    unconscious  
Word (part of speech)
ligaments (parts that hold the joints together) growing bigger and rounder after an injury to a joint
swelling noun
swollen adj
pain or physical changes that occur because of an illness or disease
symptoms noun
amount of heat measured in a body; higher than normal temperature
temperature noun
painful when touched or used
tender adj
medical information that helps doctors understand a patient’s condition or body
test results noun
treatment aimed at improving a person’s mental or physical condition
therapy noun
moving of an organ from one human to another
transplant noun
a test that examines the body’s internal organs and processes using sound waves (often used during pregnancies)
ultrasound noun
the lifeline from the mother to the fetus (when cut at birth this forms the belly button)
umbilical cord noun
alive, but appearing to be asleep and unaware of the surroundings
unconscious adj
Write your own sentences
1. test results 
2. unconscious 
3.  swollen
4. symptoms
5. umbilical cord 
6. transplant 
7. temperature
8. tender
9. therapy
10. ultrasound
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