Vocabulary 13

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:
1. The child was bitten by a _____________ snake.
2. The woman was well prepared for labour because she took the ______________ classes.
3. You will need to visit your doctor to get another _____________.
4. You will have to pay for a ____________ hospital room if you don’t want a room-mate.
5. If the _____________ doesn’t kill all of the abnormal cells, the cancer will come back.
6. John is a ____________ under Dr Brown.
7. I’d like to see you a year from now for a ______________.
8. I have some extra ______________ in my locker.
9. I have to ______________ and get ready for surgery.
10. I went to another doctor to get a __________________ about these headaches.
a.  second opinion
b.  scrubs
c.  routine check-up
d.  private
e.  radiation
f.   resident
g. prescription
h.  prenatal
i.    poisonous
j.    scrub up
Word (part of speech)
a substance that is very dangerous if it enters the human body
poison noun
poisonous adj
of the time period leading up to giving birth
Prenatal adj
the correct amount and type of medication needed to cure an illness or relieve symptoms
Prescription noun
prescribe verb
being alone; personal (eg test results)
privacy noun
private adj
high energy X-rays that destroy cancer cells
Radiation noun
part of a doctor’s training that takes place in the hospital;
a student working under a doctor
Residency / resident
a doctor’s appointment to check a person’s general health
routine check-up noun
plain uniform (usually green, white, or blue) worn by medical professionals
Scrubs noun
carefully wash hands before and after seeing a patient
scrub up verb
input from a second doctor about an illness or symptom
second opinion noun
Write your own sentences
1. poisonous
2. prenatal 
3.  prescription
4. private
5. radiation
6. resident 
7. routine check-up.
8. scrubs
9. scrub up 
10. second opinion

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