Vocabulary 2

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:
1.   We had to ___________ his leg because the infection spread so quickly.
2.   I can’t sleep because my knees ____________ in the night.
3.   We knew the baby was coming right away because the woman’s labour pains were _____________.
4.   The ________________ helped me get on with life after Lucy died.
5.   I have low energy because I am ______________.
6.   This amount of weight loss is _________________ for women your age.
7.   My throat infection went away after I started the _____________.
8.   We called the _______________ when Josh stopped breathing.
9.   Your son is extremely ________________ to peanuts.
10.   I can’t remember the accident because I had _______________.
a.  abnormal
b.  ache
c.  acute
d.  allergic
e.  ambulance
f.   amnesia
g.  amputate
h.  anaemic
i.    antibiotics
j.    anti-depressants
Word (part of speech)
not normal for the human body
abnormal adj
pain that won’t go away
ache noun/verb
quick to become severe/bad
acute adj
a body’s abnormal reaction to certain foods or environmental substances (eg causes a rash)
allergy noun allergic adj
emergency vehicle that rushes people to a hospital
ambulance noun
a condition that causes people to lose their memory
amnesia noun
permanent removal of a limb
amputation noun
amputate verb
occurs when the body doesn’t have enough red blood cells
anaemia noun
anaemic adj
medication that kills bacteria and cures infections
antibiotics noun
medication that helps relieve anxiety and sadness
anti-depressant noun
Write your own sentences

1. amputate
2. ache
3.  acute
4. anti-depressants
5. anaemic
6. abnormal
7. antibiotics
8. ambulance
9. allergic
10. amnesia

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