Vocabulary 10

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:
1.    The nurse will demonstrate how to bathe an _____________.
2.    The doctors will be monitoring her for any _______________ bleeding.
3.    You can’t have visitors because your _____________________ is low.
4.    The wound should be covered when you swim to prevent it from becoming__________________________.
5.    Babies are _________________________ three times in their first year.
6.    I had to have stitches to close the _________________.
7.    We have to do more x-rays because the first ones were _____________.
8.    She will remain in the ___________ until she can breathe on her own.
9.    My right ankle was so ____________it was twice the size of my left one.
10.   Her ________________ were minor; just a few cuts and bruises.
a.  immune system
b.  immunized
c.  incision
d.  inconclusive
e.  infant
f.   infected
g.  inflamed
h.  injuries
i.    ICU
j.    internal
Word (part of speech)
the parts of the body that fight diseases, infections, and viruses
immune system noun
an injection that protects against a specific disease
immunize verb
cut in the body made during surgery
Incision  noun
Inconclusive adj
young baby
Infant   noun
diseased area of the body (viral or bacterial)
infection noun
infected adj
appearance (red and swollen) of an injured body part
Inflamed  adj
damage to the body
Injury noun
section of the hospital where patients get constant attention and doctors rely on specialized equipment
intensive care unit (ICU) noun
under the skin, inside the organs
Internal adj
Write your own sentences

1. infant
2. internal
3.  immune system 
4. infected
5. immunized
6. incision
7. inconclusive
8. ICU
9. inflamed
10. injuries

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