Vocabulary 24

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Choose the best response for each one.
1.    What type of university do doctors finish?

     a. Med school (Medicine school)
     b. Med school(Medical school)
     c. Med school(Medication school)

2. There is no physical _____________ for these symptoms. I believe that the cause of your problems is psychological.
    a. base   b. basic    c. basis
3. He is __________________ (= in the process of receiving) treatment for a rare disease.
    a. underwriting b. undergoing  c. understanding

4. This is usually ________________ (= includes) some kind of radiation therapy.  
    a. involves     b. evokes            c. evolves

5. You have to _____________ fatty foods. = Don’t eat fatty foods.
  a. avoid b. averse   c. avail
6. A: Have the symptoms disappeared?
    B: No, but they’ve ___________ considerably.
   a.  decimated   b. decried      c. decreased

7. This is not a ______________ disease. = You  will not die from this disease.
    a. fatal     b. fatalistic     c. fatality

8. If a patient is ill, he/she will likely die from their disease.
    a. terminally       b. tactfully          c. totally

9.  An ____________ is someone who comes into a clinic/hospital periodically to receive treatment.
    a. outdoors type      b. outpatient
    c. outside patient

10. Is this the first time you’ve ______________ (=had?) these symptoms?
     a. explained  b. expressed  c. experienced
Write your own sentences or definitions of words.
Undergo: experience, be subject to, endure, go through
Evoke /ɪvok/ to call up (memories, feelings, etc.): E.g The book evoked memories of her childhood.
Evolve /ɪvɑlv/ to (cause to) come forth gradually into being; develop: [no object] The whole idea evolved from a casual remark. Biology (of a species or population) to undergo or develop by a process of evolution:
Avail: use, take advantage of, utilize, employ
Averse: having a strong dislike of or opposition to something.
decimate /dɛsɪmeɪt/ to destroy or kill a large proportion of …(esp in the ancient Roman army) to kill every tenth man of (a mutinous section)
decry /dɪkraɪ/ to condemn openly;publicly denounce. E.g. They decried human rights abuses. denounce, condemn, criticize, censure, attack, rail against.
1. medical school
2. basis
3.  undergoing
4.  involves
5. avoid
6. decreased
7. fatal
8. terminally
9. outpatient
10. experienced

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