Vocabulary 20

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Choose the best response for each one.
1.    My grandfather was ___________________ to (the) hospital yesterday.

     a. prescribed          b. admitted       c. accepted

2. There were two doctors ______________________ ( = working) when we arrived.
    a. doing their duty   b. on demand    c. on duty

3. P1: Does the patient have health ______________? P2: No, she is uninsured.
    a. Assurance         b. insurance    c. assistance

4. If you're unable to quit smoking altogether, you should at least _____________. ( = do it less)
    a. cut down     b. cut off            c. cut around

5. Everything went smoothly. There were no ____.
  a. complications b. compliments  c. completions
6. To "OD (oh-dee)" means to ______________    (on a drug, etc.)
   a. overdrive       b. overkill      c. overdose

7. I've been taking birth control pills __________. ( = for many years)
    a. for years     b. on a yearly basis     c. yearly

8. There's nothing to worry about. This is a _______ ( = standard).
    a. routine      b. routing      c. rooted

9. Even if you are infected, the symptoms might not ______________ ( = appear) for weeks.
    a. show off      b. show up      c. show

10. This is a contagious disease that can only be _________ by/through sexual intercourse.
     a. transferred b. transplanted c. transmitted
Write your own sentences or definitions of words.

1. asmitted
2. on duty
3.  insurance
4.  cut down
5. complications
6. overdose
7. for years
8. routine
9. show up
10. transmitted

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