Vocabulary 22

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Choose the best response for each one.
1.    The ___________ ( = first) symptoms of this condition are nausea and a high fever.

     a. initial         b. initialed       c. initiative

2. These things are often __________. If your father had it, you might get it too.
    a. hereditary   b. heresy    c. hearsay

3.  An ______________ is something that rids your body of disease-causing free radicals.
    a. anti-toxin b. anti-depressant    c. antioxidant

4. An ___________ medication is one that doesn’t require a prescription.
    a. over-extended     b. over-the-counter          
    c. over-prescription

5. Which one of these does not mean “to pay attention to”?
  a. to keep an eye on     b. to monitor    c. to repress
6. This is a ____________ dangerous condition. You have to seek treatment right away.
   a. potentially       b. possibly     c. passively

7. Which tests are you going to ______? What can I expect to experience during these tests?  
    a. perform     b. perforate     c. profess

  8. He was really sick, but he has made a 
    a. completely healthy        b. better health          
    c. complete recovery

9. Another word for “higher blood pressure” is ____________ 
    a. hypotension  b. hypertension
    c. hypoallergenic

  10. Taking this medication will _______ your risk of a heart attack.
     a. take down       b. lower        c. make less
Write your own sentences or definitions of words.
heresy /hɛrəsɪ/([sth] that contradicts religious doctrine)herejía, sacrilegio  profanación
hearsay /hɪrseɪ/      (rumour, gossip)
be or get rid of:  to be or become free of
repress : (emotion: hold back, suppress) contener (emociones),reprimir
hypotension  (hī′pə ten′shən), decreased or lowered blood pressure.Pathology: a disease or condition characterized by this symptom. Also called low blood pressure.
hypoallergenic (non-irritant, anti-allergic)(of cosmetics, earrings,) not likely to cause an allergic reaction.
1. initial
2. hereditary
3.  antioxidant
4.  over-the-counter
5. to repress
6. potentially
7. perform
8. complete recovery
9. hypertension
10. lower

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