Vocabulary 4

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:
1.   There are many different options when it comes to treating ________.
2.   We thought it was going to be a __________ birth, but the baby turned himself around.
3.   You saved your brother’s life by performing ___________.
4.   My mother has already had three rounds of _______________.
5.   The woman was badly ____________ when she came into the emergency room.
6.   The baby was so large that we had to perform a _______________.
7.   We thought it was just a sprain, but it turned out his leg was _______.
8.   You will probably always have to wear a ____________ on your ankle when you jog.
9.   If you want a place to pray, the _______________ is on the third floor.
10.   My leg was in a _____________ for graduation.
a.  brace
b.  breech
c.  broken
d.  bruised
e.  caesarean section
f.   cancer
g.  CPR
h.  cast
i.    chapel
j.    chemotherapy
Word (part of speech)
a device that holds injured body parts in place
brace noun
position of an unborn baby in which the feet are down and the head is up
breech adj
a bone that is divided in two or more pieces as a result of an injury
broken adj
injured body tissue that is visible underneath the skin
bruise noun/bruised adj
procedure that involves removing a baby from its mother through an incision in the woman’s lower abdomen
Caesarean section, C-section noun
disease caused by the uncontrollable growth of cells
cancer noun
restoring a person’s breath and circulation
cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
a hard bandage that is wrapped around a broken bone to keep it in place
Cast noun
a place where loved ones can go to pray for a patient’s recovery;
a priest who visits patients in the hospital
chapel, chapelinenoun
type of treatment used on cancer patients
chemotherapy noun
Write your own sentences
1. cancer
2. breech
3.  CPR
4. chemotherapy
5. bruised
6. Caesarean section
7. broken
8. brace
9. chapel
10. cast

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