Vocabulary 11

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:
1.  I’ll take these samples down to the _________ on my way out.
2.  You have to support her neck because she is still a ____________.
3.  If you are allergic to this medication your skin will get red and _______.
4.  The toddler was so dehydrated that the doctor decided to get him on an _____________.
5.  The _________________ have come in and you are free to go home.
6.  I’m afraid at least one of the tumours is ______________.
7.  The woman has severe brain damage and is currently on ___________.
8.  After eight years of _____________ I can finally practice medicine.
9.  The victim was shot in two places but the bullet wounds are not ____________________ .
10.   If you are feeling _______________ again, lie down and call me.
a.   itch
b.   IV
c.   Lab results
d.   lab
e.   life support
f.     life-threatening
g.   light-headed
h.   malignant
i.     medical school
j.     newborn
Word (part of speech)
feeling discomfort on the skin’s surface
itchy  adj
a tube that pumps liquids and medication into a patient’s body
IV noun
tests that come back from a laboratory and help doctors make a diagnosis
lab results noun
place where samples of blood/urine etc. are taken for testing
lab (laboratory)noun
a machine that keeps patients alive by helping them breathe
life support noun
when injuries and conditions are extremely serious
life-threatening adj
feeling of dizziness and being off-balance, caused by lack of oxygen in the brain
light-headed adj
expected to grow and get much worse (especially related to cancerous cells)
malignant adj
place where someone trains to be a doctor
medical school (med. school) noun
an infant that is less than three months old
newborn noun
Write your own sentences

1. lab
2. newborn
3.  itchy
4. IV
5. lab results 
6. malignant
7. life support
8. medical school 
9. life-threatening
10. light-headed 

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