Vocabulary 16

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:
1.    The _______________ soldiers are being airlifted to the hospital.
2.    The _______________ tells us how much alcohol is in your blood
3.    The technician took _____ of my shoulder to make sure it wasn’t broken.
4.    The pregnant woman can’t stop _______________.
5.    I should warn you that we’re entering the mental health ____________.
6.    I’m just looking for the best __________ in which to insert the needle.
7.    The ____________ is contractable through the exchange of bodily fluids.
8.    I’m afraid you’ll have to come back during _______________.
9.    If you get in the _______________ I’ll take you down to see the garden.
a.  urine sample
b.  vein
c.  virus
d.  visiting hours
e.  vomit
f.   ward
g.  wheelchair
h.  wounded 
i.    x-ray
part of speech
a small amount of the body’s liquid waste that is tested for different medical reasons
urine sample noun
the thin tubes that transport blood around the body and back to the heart
Vein noun
a dangerous organism that causes the spread of minor and major diseases
Virus noun
time of day when friends and family are allowed to visit patients in hospital
visiting hours noun
discharge of a person stomach contents through the mouth
Vomit noun/verb
a section of a hospital or health facility where patients stay
Ward noun
a chair on wheels used for transporting patients from place to place
Wheelchair noun
injury to body (“flesh wound” means not deep)
wound noun
wounded adj
a photograph of a person’s bones and organs
x-ray noun/verb
Write your own sentences

1. wounded
2. urine sample 
3.  x-rays
4. vomiting
5. ward
6. vein
7. virus
8. visiting hours
9. wheelchair

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