Vocabulary 19

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Choose the best response for each one
1. I’m ___________ for surgery ( = having surgery) tomorrow.
     a. going in      b. going up     c.   going out

2. The tests are ______. We have to retest you.
    a. incredulous   b. inconclusive    c.   inclined

3. Are you experiencing any ______________? = Do you feel tired?
    a. dizziness       b. pain              c.  fatigue

4. Please ___________ me ( = let me know) of any changes in your condition.
    a. notify/inform           b. note       c.  review

5. When there is a decrease in or disappearance of signs and symptoms of cancer, you can say that the cancer is in __________________________.
  a. regression       b. remittance      c. remission
6. How _______ is this treatment? ( = how well does this treatment work?)
    a. affected        b. effective      c. ineffectual

7. I have a strange _____________ ( = red patches) on my skin.
    a. rash        b. rush     c. reach

8. This won’t _________ long. = This won’t require a lot of time.
    a. do       b. take      c. make

9. Your regular doctor is often referred to as your “_________________ care doctor”.
    a. primal      b. primary      c. principal

10. Most operations are not emergencies and are considered ____________ surgery. ( = surgery that you choose to have)
     a. choosy     b. picked      c. elective
Write your own sentences or definitions of words.
Remission (= suspension): the cancellation of a debt, charge, or penalty.

1. going in
2. inconclusive
3.  fatigue
4.  notify/inform
5. remission
6. effective
7. rash
8. take
9. Primary
10. elective

Vocabulary 19

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