Vocabulary 21

Building vocabulary
           Medical  English
Choose the best response for each one.
1.    How many treatments will I need, and how much will it ___? (= how much will I have to pay)

       a. charge       b. cost       c. pay

2. You’ll have to quit smoking to get your asthma ______________.
    a. under pressure  b. out of control   c. under control

3. Your cholesterol levels are ______ (=incredibly high).
    a. off topic        b. off the scale       c. off color

4. It’ll take about three weeks ___________ start feeling better.
    a. for you to     b. in which you      c. for a while

5.  Under ________ circumstances should you drink alcohol? = You shouldn’t drink alcohol no matter what.
    a. no                 b. not                    c. any
6. To "OD (oh-dee)" means to ______________    (on a drug, etc.)
   a. overdrive       b. overkill      c. overdose

7. I suggest you stop taking these sleeping pills. – You’re becoming ____________ (= slightly addicted to) them.  
    a.dependent on b.depending on c.dependent with

8. Will my health care plan _______ (=pay for this visit?
    a. cover       b. pay          c. bankroll

9. I have to take special ______ (= steps/ safeguards) because of your pacemaker.
    a. prevention    b. precautions    c. premises

10. Just because your mother had breast cancer doesn’t mean that you’ll ________ it too.
     a. diagnose      b. do             c. develop
Write your own sentences or definitions of words.
pacemaker./peɪsmeɪkɚan electronic device surgically placed beneath the skin to provide a normal heartbeat by electrically stimulating the heart muscle.
premise:  evidence, reason, support, basis, proof, the aforesaid

1. cost
2. under control
3.  off the scale
4.  for you to
5. no
6. overdose
7. dependent on
8. cover
9. precautions
10. develop

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